The basis of "Eye for an Eye"

Due to the actions of the anti-Armenian government in Armenia since 2018, the statehood of Artsakh is under threat. Artsakh has lost its security guarantee from Armenia and 75% of its territories. The Armenians of Artsakh were deprived of their property and exiled. More than five thousand people died and more than ten thousand people were injured. The authorities did not try to find the missing people or return the captives. The national will and spirit were demolished, which made Armenians and the national minorities living in Armenia unspeakably vulnerable to the enemy. Syunik is in danger, while this government and its propagandists justify the actions of Azerbaijan against the people of Syunik.

This catastrophe was facilitated by various means of propaganda, which acted in the name of journalism, art, literature, publishing, human rights protection, and supported this government.

Documentary filmmaking is a tool that can be used to analyze this catastrophe and to counter the propaganda tools that endanger the rights of Armenians.

“Eye for an Eye” is a community of documentary filmmakers formed for those needs. The goal of this community of artists and writers is to prevent possible tragedies due to political short-sightedness, instead of feeding on tragedy, as art tends to do.

The primary concern of the “Eye for an Eye” community is the protection of the rights of Armenians and the restoration and preservation of national pride. By that logic, the current main task of “Eye for an Eye” is to get rid of the government that does not represent the interests of Armenians through documentaries and to resist the maniacal expansionism of Turkey.